Industries Served

Oil Field Tools and Equipment

Machine Shops

Construction Industries

Hydraulic companies


Machine Shops

Printing Industries

Roller Companies

Automotive and Truck

And other industries where Chrome, Nickel or Metal Spray is important


30,000 Sq. Ft. Building

Plating Established at location in 1974

About DCI

DCI Industries is in the business of remanufacturing and repairing a vast array of industrial components through our industrial hard chrome and nickel sulfamate electroplating as well as thermal spray technologies.  Additionally we provide these products and services to increase the wear life of newly manufactured components.

We believe that our products and services are vital, valuable and beneficial to our customers.  We consider ourselves strategic partners and therefore strive to meet or exceed the quality and turnaround our customers expect.

We are centrally located in US with major shipping arteries from every direction converging in Oklahoma City, conveniently connecting us with major cities across the US.  Many of the components we repair are shipped internationally.

Our remanufacturing and repair services are environmentally safer and cleaner than manufacturing new components.  This isn’t a trendy new statement for us.  We have been advertising our environmentally friendly services for 15 years. Repairing an existing component or increasing the wear life of a new component greatly reduces the Total Environmental Impact as compared to manufacturing brand new components.  In addition to our environmentally friendly services our internal and external waste recycling processes further solidifies DCI Industries as responsible to the environment and our community.